TypeFewer LettersMore Letters
Acronym 2FA Two-Factor Authentication
Acronym ABI Application Binary Interface
Acronym ANS [Coin] AntShares
Acronym API Application Programming Interface
Acronym ATH All-Time High
Acronym BAT [Coin] Basic Attention Token
Acronym BCH [Coin] Bitcoin Cash
Acronym BTC [Coin] Bitcoin
Acronym DAG [Directed Acyclic Graph](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directed_acyclic_graph), a method of organising data with no loops
Acronym DApp Decentralized Application
Acronym EEA Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Acronym EOS [Coin] Eos
Acronym ERC20 [Ethereum Request for Comments #20](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ERC20), smart-contract token standard
Acronym ETC [Coin] Ethereum Classic
Acronym ETH [Coin] Ether
Acronym EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine
Acronym FCT [Coin] Factom
Acronym FOMO Fear Of Missing Out, the urge to jump on the bandwagon when prices rise
Acronym FUD Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt, negative sentiments spread in order to drive down prices
Acronym GNT [Coin] Golem
Acronym ICN [Coin] Iconomi
Acronym ICO Initial Coin Offering
Acronym IDE Integrated Development Environment
Acronym IOTA [Coin] Iota
Acronym IRS (US) Internal Revenue Service
Acronym LTC [Coin] Litecoin
Acronym MACD Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, an indicator of the relationship between two averages
Acronym MEW MyEtherWallet
Acronym REP [Coin] Augur
Acronym ROI Return on Investment, percentage gain relative to initial cost
Acronym SC [Coin] SiaCoin
Acronym SEC (US) Securities and Exchange Commission
Acronym SPoF Single Point of Failure
Acronym TA Technical Analysis (or Trend Analysis), examination of past performance to predict the near future
Acronym XBY [Coin] XtraBytes
Acronym XMR [Coin] Monero
Acronym XRP [Coin] Ripple